our experience

Our team thinks that experience is everything ... it can solve problems you may think are insurmountable, it can save you 'real' money (don't forget we manage events & conferences on a daily basis; not just once a year!) and it is about the experience that your clients and delegates expect to enjoy.

There are many new competitors in our marketplace today (and they are all offering incentives and cheaper fee structures) to entice you to try them out. However, we have been around for a long time and there are reasons for that; we employ great people (who deserve to be paid well), we don't start with a low fee and then add charges as we go and we try to minimise your risk at every stage of the project. It's all about the experience!

Much of our work comes from 'word of mouth' from previous clients, trusted supplier relationships and friends.

Our Team

Scott Ireland | Managing Director

With over 20+ years in managing some of the largest and most difficult events both locally and nationally. Scott is cool under pressure and enjoys great working relationships with clients and suppliers alike. He leads projects from the front and isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty at any time. Scott is an asset to any event project.

Nikki Thomas | Conference & Event Manager  

Nikki has over 5 years conference and event management experience and is the consummate professional. Cool in a crisis and her attention to detail sees her bring the necessary experience with registrations, computer software applications, travel & transportation in addition to a great sense of pride about her work and those she works with. She is personable, communicative & flexible enough to allow changes in your favour as a client yet, confident enough to stand her ground when required. Nikki could easily be the difference between your project being average under another event manager or, great under her leadership.

Narumi Ireland | Accounts 

Narumi ensures that all of our suppliers and team gets paid, manages cashflow and generally keeps us all on our toes in terms of expenses.

Fred | Office Manager

Fred is the Office Manager for the Infront Team. He is a hardworking member of the team and is in the office everyday including weekends ensuring the office is running smoothly.

The Casual Champions!

The Adelaide team is also supported by the 'creme de la creme' of casual champions in fields of stage management, production management, conference coordinators, site managers, labour and everything in between.